Prayer Prompts for March 2022

Prayer Prompts for March 2022

Please pray Daily for the Charity Centre Point. All Saints Staplehurst is supporting Centre Point for January, February and March 2022. Centre point is a charity in the United Kingdom which provides accommodation and support to homeless people aged 16–25. Read more on the work of Centre Point Charity

1st     ST. DAVID’S DAY.  We remember all in Wales.

2nd    Pray for our young children attending Nursery School.

3rd    We pray for all suffering from Covid and the after-effects.

4th    We pray for our Church Choir as they rehearse on Zoom.

5th    We thank our Scout group and all the help they give to the village.

6th    Please remember all Church ministers in our village.

7th    We give thanks for all who help to keep our roads clean.

8th    We remember our Bell Ringers on their practice evening.

9th    We pray for our Monarch and our political leaders.

10th  We give thanks for all working in our care homes.

11th  We pray for the Air Ambulance providing emergency medical care

12th  We think of our farmers busy with lambing.

13th  We pray for those who are persecuted for their Christian faith.

14th  COMMONWEALTH DAY.  We think of people in other parts of the World.

15th  Pray for our Lifeboat crews, always ready to help those in distress.

16th  We pray for those who are housebound and lonely.

17th  ST. PATRICKS DAY.  We remember all in Ireland.

18th  We give thanks for the Spring flowers in our gardens.

19th  JOSEPH OF NAZARETH.  We remember carpenters and all in the building trade.

20th  Vernal Equinox.  We look forward to brighter days.

21st   We pray for our busy Parish Council.

22nd  Pray for our Medical Centre and all who work there.

23rd  Pray for our NHS and the difficult time during Covid.

24th  We pray for all awaiting hospital tests.

25th  LADY DAY.  When Mary accepted God’s call to be the mother of Jesus.

26th  We pray for all struggling with poverty in many parts of the World.

27th  MOTHERING SUNDAY.  We remember the MOTHER of our LORD and our own mothers.

28th  We give thanks for all who provide food for our supermarkets.

29th  We think of our Primary School and those who need extra help.

30th  We pray for all travelling, may they arrive safely.

31st   Thank you, LORD, for guiding us through this month.

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