Parochial Church Council Members

Revd Silke Tetzlaff (PCC Chair)
Revd Monica Taylor Assistant Priest (Ex-officio)
Mary Henley (Churchwarden, Magazine Subcommittee Convenor)
Andrew Edwards (PCC Vice Chair)
Angie Lucas (PCC Secretary)
Caroline Highwood (PCC Treasurer, Finance Subcommittee Convenor) 01580 892787
Audrey Bullock (Pastoral Minister & Authorised Lay Minister – Funeral Officiant) 01580 891940
Val Wallis (Verger, Diocesan Synod, Churchyard Liaison Subcommittee Convenor)
Doreen Braganza (Weald Deanery Synod)
Tony Henley (Weald Deanery Synod, Buildings & Grounds Subcommittee Convenor)
Adam Houghton, Shirley Skinner, Sheila Brooker, Margaret Thornton, Helen Wilkins, Anne Brenchley and Dominic Lundberg.
Val Wallis is also a member of Archbishop’s Council

Other Useful Contact Information

Electoral Roll Officer: John Parsons Smith
Musical Director: Ian Turner
Head Server:
Sunday School: Revd Silke Tetzlaff 01580 891258
Flower Coordinator: Audrey Bullock 01580 891940
Bell Ringers Tower Secretary: Roy Barclay 01580 890247
Friends of All Saints Chairman & Membership Secretary: Andrew Brady 01580 891840
Holy Dusters/Brass Cleaners: Margaret Friswell

Revd Silke Tetzlaff Tel: 01580 891258.
Email: Rev. Silke Tetzlaff
For all enquiries about Baptism, Weddings and Funerals

Download the Annual Reports for 2017/2018.

The PCC is divided into Sub-Committees which meet on a regular basis, about two to three weeks prior to PCC meetings which are held six times a year, bi-monthly.

Each Sub-committees consist of three PCC members, one of which is the Chairman (nominated by the PCC) plus two non-PCC members. Up to four additional non-voting members can be co-opted at any time for various purposes and periods of time.

The Rector is an ex-officio member of all sub-committees.

Associated Committee Representatives

Churches Together

Committee MemberOfficeTelephoneEmail
Mary HenleyPCCn/an/a
Catherine AbbottPCCn/an/a
Janet PowellNon PCCn/an/a

Wealden Deanery Synod

Committee MemberOfficeTelephoneEmail
Tony HenleyPCCn/an/a
Doreen BraganzaPCCn/an/a
Sylvia LadePCCn/an/a
Silke TetzlaffEx. Officion/an/a
Val WallisEx. Officion/an/a

Diocesan Synod

Committee MemberOfficeTelephoneEmail
Doreen BraganzaPCCn/an/a
Silke TetzlaffEx. Officion/an/a
Val WallisEx. Officion/an/a

PCC Representative to Friends

Committee MemberOfficeTelephoneEmail
Tony HenleyPCC Liaison Rep to Friendsn/an/a