Parochial Church Council Members

Revd Silke Tetzlaff (PCC Chair)
Revd Monica Taylor Assistant Priest (Ex-officio)
Mary Henley (Churchwarden, Magazine Subcommittee Convenor)
Shirley Skinner (Churchwarden)
Andrew Edwards (PCC Vice Chair)
Angie Lucas (PCC Secretary)
Caroline Highwood (PCC Treasurer, Finance Subcommittee Convenor) 01580 892787
Audrey Bullock (Pastoral Minister & Authorised Lay Minister – Funeral Officiant) 01580 891940
Val Wallis (Verger, Diocesan Synod, Churchyard Liaison Subcommittee Convenor)
Doreen Braganza (Weald Deanery Synod)
Tony Henley (Weald Deanery Synod, Buildings & Grounds Subcommittee Convenor)
Adam Houghton, Sheila Brooker, Margaret Thornton, Helen Wilkins, Anne Brenchley and Dominic Lundberg.
Val Wallis is also a member of Archbishop’s Council

Other Useful Contact Information

Electoral Roll Officer: John Parsons Smith
Musical Director: Ian Turner
Head Server:
Sunday School: Revd Silke Tetzlaff 01580 891258
Flower Coordinator: Audrey Bullock 01580 891940
Bell Ringers Tower Secretary: Roy Barclay 01580 890247
Friends of All Saints Chairman & Membership Secretary: Andrew Brady 01580 891840
Holy Dusters/Brass Cleaners: Margaret Friswell

Revd Silke Tetzlaff Tel: 01580 891258.
Email: Rev. Silke Tetzlaff
For all enquiries about Baptism, Weddings and Funerals

Download the Annual Reports for 2017/2018.

The PCC is divided into Sub-Committees which meet on a regular basis, about two to three weeks prior to PCC meetings which are held six times a year, bi-monthly.

Each Sub-committees consist of three PCC members, one of which is the Chairman (nominated by the PCC) plus two non-PCC members. Up to four additional non-voting members can be co-opted at any time for various purposes and periods of time.

The Rector is an ex-officio member of all sub-committees.

Associated Committee Representatives

Churches Together

Committee MemberOfficeTelephoneEmail
Mary HenleyPCCn/an/a
Catherine AbbottPCCn/an/a
Janet PowellNon PCCn/an/a

Wealden Deanery Synod

Committee MemberOfficeTelephoneEmail
Tony HenleyPCCn/an/a
Doreen BraganzaPCCn/an/a
Sylvia LadePCCn/an/a
Silke TetzlaffEx. Officion/an/a
Val WallisEx. Officion/an/a

Diocesan Synod

Committee MemberOfficeTelephoneEmail
Doreen BraganzaPCCn/an/a
Silke TetzlaffEx. Officion/an/a
Val WallisEx. Officion/an/a

PCC Representative to Friends

Committee MemberOfficeTelephoneEmail
Tony HenleyPCC Liaison Rep to Friendsn/an/a