Welcome to All Saints’ Church Staplehurst Kent

Open doors at All Saints Church Staplehurst Kent showing the etched glass doors.
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Covid-19 and Services Update All Saints’ Church Staplehurst Kent

9:30 am Sunday Worship Service via Zoom
11:00 am Parish Communion Service in Church

Midweek Tuesday – Friday via Zoom, 9.30 am Morning Prayer and 5 pm Evening Prayer.

Daily Private Prayer in church 10 am – 4 pm

See the latest Guidance from the Church of England regarding Coronavirus (Covid-19) here

Once at the C of E page you will find further information in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

St Swithin’s Day Challenge 2021

Legend has it that if it rains on Saint Swithin’s Day, it will rain for the next 40. All Saints Parish Church has taken that legend and turned it into an effective fundraising tool that gets the whole community intrigued and involved.

If it’s fine on St Swithin’s Day, no problem. The legend says that if the sun shines on 15th July, then it will rain no more. So then simply give an amount of money for every day that’s dry. The donations pour in, come rain or shine!

Make sure you have your pocket calendar.

On 15th July, participants sign up to give between 10p and £1 for every day in the next 40 that it rains. They are each emailed a pocket calendar so they can tick off the rainy days and keep a score of the amount they owe. Download a copy of the calendar here. Email Angie and she’ll post it thru your door if unable to print mail@angiewalker.com

Raising Funds for All Saints Church Staplehurst

Rectory Stall and Afternoon Teas

New on selected dates in July & August. Rectory Stall 1-4 pm at the New Rectory & Afternoon Teas 2-4 pm.
All Welcome
£5 per person for unlimited tea & cakes.

Put the following dates in your diary: 24th July, 31st July, 7th August & 14th August.

Video of recent Zoom Service

Code of Conduct for online services

All Saints PCC want everyone attending and participating in online services to be safe. The PCC, therefore, requests that all attendees adhere to the code of conduct below:

Everyone attending online services should:

  • display a safe and appropriate background.
  • alert other household members that they are attending an online service.
  • ensure that clothing and language are appropriate for a public, all age event.
  • keep microphones switched off unless requested to switch on.
  • not reveal personal or sensitive information, passwords, etc online.
  • ensure any children to be accompanied by adults visible in the room.
  • be identifiable by their visible device name.

In addition, those leading and managing the service will ensure:

  • anyone threatening the progress or safety of the service will be muted/blocked/removed.
  • a leader or PCC member who has received safeguarding training is present.
  • only those actively participating in services will be visible on any recording of service uploaded to YouTube.
  • safety of online services to be reviewed regularly.

A full risk assessment for online services is available from the Parish Office or can be read here. Additional guidance is available for streamed services.

Church Fees and Churchyard Regulations updates can be found on our Downloads Page

All Saints’ Church Staplehurst Kent, stands on the top of the hill in the centre of the village and often referred to as the “Church on the hill”.

The Church is at the south end of the village just a short walk off the A229, a Roman road that forms the main high street. It dates from the early part of the last Millennium; the south door has been dated to around 1050 and displays some very fine early ironwork on it.

The church is said to have been built around 1100. It served the farms which evolved from dens or pasture land used by herdsmen from the area around Maidstone. It is older than the village.

The name Staplehurst was first recorded in 1226, although specific dens such as Spilsill and Aydhurst are mentioned in Anglo-Saxon charters.

All Saints Staplehurst wishes details of the church and its services to be listed on the Changing Attitude web site as a congregation as open and welcoming to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.” See our Inclusive Church page.

All Saints PCC, 4th March 2009