Parish Communion with Healing

On the 4th Sunday of the month

Our Parish Communion Service with Healing is for those who wish to receive the laying on of hands and the anointing with oil.

What is healing and wholeness?

Healing and Wholeness are Jesus Christ meeting us at our deepest point of need, offering us healing and restoring us to wholeness of life. This may involve being prayed for, worshipping, drawing near to Jesus and being in his presence as well as working alongside the miracle of all that the medical profession can offer in so many different ways.

Prayer for healing and wholeness in the Diocese of Canterbury

Prayer is at the heart of our life together and so too is the seeking of Christ’shealing and wholeness. We are blessed through the faithful ministry of *The Living Well* to help us understand and appreciate the depths of this gift. We are grateful for the hundreds of people throughout the diocese who are prepared to pray with us for wholeness and healing. Canterbury Diocese has been part of the rediscovery of healing prayer within the Church in recent times, and The Living Well chaplaincy helps to see that the ministry is exercised responsibly. Those who offer prayer with the laying on of hands are trained and approved by their local PCCs. They participate in ongoing training and supervision and appreciate the duty of care that must be exercised in such ministries.

Prayer for healing and wholeness in local churches

The New Testament is full of stories of Jesus healing people with all kinds of illnesses, both physical and emotional. At all times, Jesus focused on the particular needs of the people he met – restoring them to wholeness. Jesus asks us as Christians to follow his example by praying for healing and wholeness.

Throughout the Canterbury Diocese prayer for healing is offered regularly, often in Sunday services.

Prayer for healing and wholeness at All Saints Church

Our healing ministry team are Ron and Barbara Dear and together with the Rector and the Assistant Priest, they will share in the ministry of healing on the 4th Sunday of the month. On that Sunday we will offer a “third station” at the baptism font and after receiving the bread (1st Station) and the wine(2nd Station) you are invited to receive the prayer for healing and the anointing with oil. If you do not wish to be anointed simply pass the station and go back to your seat. The healing team will also offer individual prayers in St. George’s Chapel where you can light a candle if you wish to do so.

Laying on of Hands with Prayer and Anointing

The Laying on of Hands is administered using these words

In the name of God and trusting in his might alone, receive Christ’s healing touch to make you whole.

May Christ bring you wholeness of body, mind and spirit, deliver you from every evil, and give you his peace.


Anointing is administered using these words

N, I anoint you in the name of God who gives you life. Receive Christ’s forgiveness, his healing and his love. May the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ grant you the riches of his grace, his wholeness and his peace.


If you have any questions about Healing and Wholeness please speak t, Revd Silke Tetzlaff (01580 891258).

The Living Well

The Living Well* is the Diocesan Centre for Healing and Wholeness and has regular healing services as well as offering prayers for healing to individuals who are wounded emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Feedback from Deeper Healing Days held at the Centre includes:

  • ‘Welcoming, peace, deep and healing. Thank you.’
  • ‘Today was amazing! I have been changed by God forever and I am so grateful for this space at The Living Well.’
  • ‘Such tender ministry and loving touch. I have been refreshed and restored from such care. Thank you all very much.’
  • ‘So lovely to just rest and pray today.’

Days of Christian Healing on different themes are also held in different churches around the Diocese. Recent attendees have described these ‘hub’ days as; ‘inspiring and encouraging’, inspirational and strengthening’, a ‘privilege’ and ‘freeing’.

*The Vicarage, Vicarage Lane, Nonington, Kent, CT15 4JT. Tel: 01304 842847 Website: Email:

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