Health and Healing Support Prayer Group

The Health and Healing Support Prayer Group meet on a regular basis to pray for anyone who requests prayer for themselves or a loved one. Please contact us as below.

Ron and Barbara Dear are accredited to the Healing Ministry and the Laying on of hands and lead the group. The Laying on of Hands with prayer is now offered as part of regular worship at the Parish Communion service on the fourth Sunday morning of each month at 10:00 am.

A leaflet, which outlines the work and aims of the group, is available in the Church Porch or from the above.

The group support, with prayer, those who ask and those we know who are ill or having other difficulties with their lives. Each person is prayed for, by name, daily by at least one member of the group and by the group when they meet.

We now maintain three separate prayer lists.

First, the official “Church Prayer List” which is published as a part of Church Notices each week and is monitored by the writer.

The second is the “Confidential Prayer List”, which is for anyone requiring prayer who, for any reason, does not wish to be on the church list.

The third is the “Support Prayer list” and is primarily for those who have problems other than desperate illness, for example, those who are in cancer remission or have financial or other personal problems. Contents and details of all lists remain within the group, or to the individual members of the group when specifically requested, and not divulged or discussed outside. Confidentiality is strictly enforced.

Prayer for healing and support should be started as soon as possible, like going to the Doctor suspecting something before going for tests. We have been thanked by many for whom we have prayed and they, and we, are certain that God responds and hears our prayers. The earlier we can start the better. Please keep us informed as to progress.

Let us help you when you are in stress.

Ron and Barbara Dear (01580) 891407

Email: Ron Dear

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