Community Centre for Debt Advice Staplehurst

The Community Centre for Debt Advice Staplehurst has been running since 2009, supporting people from the local area who are struggling with unmanageable debt. We are a volunteer-led organisation, supported financially through local grants and donations. We offer one of the few ways that local people can access face-to-face debt advice, free of charge.

All volunteers at the Community Centre for Debt Advice in Staplehurst are trained debt advisers. The Centre is affiliated to Community Money Advice – a national charity supporting churches and community organisations to offer debt advice. The Centre is also authorised and regulated by the FCA.

All consultations for debt advice are by appointment and are completely confidential. Advisers will work with clients to understand their situation and decide on the most appropriate course of action. In most cases, this is either a reduced payment plan or a Debt Relief Order, depending on the particular circumstances and eligibility criteria. Alternatively, support can be given to clients who would prefer to address the situation themselves, as our involvement will have a negative effect on an individual’s credit rating.

For support and advice, please use the following modes of communication:

Phone: 07512 145707 / 07512 145704


Mail: Community Centre for Debt Advice – Staplehurst, c/o Staplehurst Free Church, Station Road, Staplehurst TN12 0QQ