APCM 2020

Due to social distancing, places for the APCM in the church building will need to be restricted. Many thanks, Mary 891225

The annual church meeting which had not been held by the time of lockdown in March was deferred to Wednesday 7th October, at 7.30 pm in All Saints Church.

Please bear in mind that the church electoral roll has to be revised in advance of the meeting. The electoral roll is now available to be looked at in the church porch for revisions to be made.

The allowed number of attendees follows our current guidelines for safe seating is for up to 30 people but is subject to further Government or Church of England guidance nearer the time and any local restrictions.

Therefore we will have to ask people to sign a list if they wish to attend in person. The reports are available here, e-mailed out, and issued to people without computers and available in the church by Sunday 27 September.

Bishop Rose has now signed a new statutory instrument to allow this year’s annual meetings to take place either entirely virtually or by both physical and virtual means. We will try to enable the Meeting to be attended via Zoom.

1. The APCM is a meeting for all those on the church’s electoral roll. The purpose of this meeting is to receive the reports and to make elections and appointments.
2. The annual meeting of parishioners is a meeting for all those on the church’s electoral roll and all those residents in the parish whose names are on the civil electoral roll of the parish. The purpose of this meeting is to elect the churchwardens. The provisions concerning nomination in section 4 of the Churchwardens Measure 2001 continue to apply and some thought will need to be given as to how the nomination paperwork can be coordinated in advance of the virtual meeting.
3. The new arrangements permit the meeting to take place in a virtual ‘location’ (for example, on an interactive video-conferencing platform such as Zoom) and for voting to take place electronically rather than in person. It does not change the procedural requirements for the convening of the meeting and notices of it.

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