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We are happy to add your photographs of church events to our All Saints’ Church Gallery 2024. Please email your photographs to Andrew Brady and we will take a look at them. Please include the date your photographs were taken and details regarding the service or event. See permissions details below.

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Permissions We can only upload photos that are relevant to an event or service and will not display photographs of children or vulnerable adults unless permission has been explicitly given by the parents, family or carers.

Please ensure that any photographs uploaded or shared are appropriate and adhere to relevant permissions. When dealing with photos that involve children or vulnerable adults, it is essential to obtain explicit consent from their parents, family, or carers before displaying or using these images. This ensures that their privacy and safety are protected.

When posting or sharing photos related to events or services, always consider the following guidelines:

  1. Obtain permission: Always seek permission from the individuals in the photographs before uploading or sharing them, especially if they are children or vulnerable adults.
  2. Verify consent: Ensure that you have explicit permission from parents, family, or carers before displaying any photos that include children or vulnerable adults.
  3. Be relevant: Upload or share only those photos that are directly related to the event or service you are promoting. Avoid using unrelated or irrelevant photos.
  4. Respect privacy: Refrain from posting images that could be considered invasive or intrusive to the individuals involved.
  5. Protect identities: When displaying photos, take care not to include any sensitive information or personal details that could compromise someone’s privacy.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can ensure that you are handling photographs responsibly and respecting the privacy of those involved in the events or services you are promoting.