Prayer Prompts for March 2021

Prayer Prompts for March 2021

1.      ST. DAVID’S DAY – We remember all in Wales.

2.      We pray for all going to school.

3.      We give thanks for Spring bulbs flowering in our gardens.

4.      We pray for our busy emergency services.

5.      For all having to sleep outside on cold nights.

6.      For our busy shop workers.

7.      For all clergy in our village.

8.      COMMONWEALTH DAY – We think of people in other parts of the world.

9.      We give thanks for all who help to keep our roads clean.

10.     We pray for our brave LIFEBOAT crews always ready to help those in distress.

11.     For those who are housebound and lonely.

12.     We give thanks for Carers and their patience.

13.     We give thanks for our families and friends.

14.     MOTHERING SUNDAY – We remember the mother of our Lord and our own mothers.

15.     We pray for farmers busy with lambing.

16.     For the beauty of our countryside.

17.     ST. PATRICK’S DAY – We remember all in Ireland.

18.     We give thanks for the new planters that brighten our village.

19.     We pray for our busy Parish Council.

20.     We give thanks for modern IT to speak to family and friends abroad.

21.     We pray for all who have learning disability and their helpers.

22.     We pray for the Air Ambulance providing emergency medical care.

23.     We pray for all travelling; may they arrive safely.

24.     We give thanks for all who provide food for our supermarkets.

25.     LADY DAY – When Mary accepted God’s call to be he mother of Jesus.

26.     We pray for all who have been bereaved, may they find comfort.

27.     We give thanks for babies born this Spring.

28.     We give thanks for brighter days to come.

29.     We pray for Doctors and Nurses.

30.     We pray for all waiting for the results of hospital tests.

31.     Thank you Lord for guiding us through this month.

Prayer Prompts

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