October 2017 Magazine Letter

October 2017 Magazine Letter Audrey Bullock

Dear Everyone,

Many years ago, when my children were much younger and Trev the Rev was the Rector, he gave a memorable address. (Well, a lot of his addresses were memorable. How many of you remember the daffodil?)

This address involved having a rowing boat on a stage. Three children were invited to sit in the boat. They were each given a name. There was Mark, then Luke and finally Peter.

Mark stood up. The Rector added a word to his name which became Mark Time. As Christians we mark time, just plodding along because we have always been to Church, and so turn up, without much thought to being Jesus’ voice, eyes and hands-on weekdays as well as Sundays. Mark sat down.

Luke stood up. His name became Luke Warm. As Christians are we lukewarm and only bear witness to Jesus when it is convenient to us, and the rest of the time we forget about Him. We do, however, expect Jesus to remember us.

Peter stood up. Peter Out left the boat. He had, at the start, been full of enthusiasm. His enthusiasm waned and, as the seed which was sewn on stony ground, so it was with Peter Out. His faith withered, but it is hoped that, in time, he will be back in the boat with faith renewed.

Jesus is our helmsman in this boat of life on earth, in our homes, during our work and in our Church. Let us be with Him as we are steered through the ups and downs of life. May we try not to be lukewarm, or mark time nor peter out?

May God bless us always and in all ways.

Audrey B

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