July 2017 Magazine Letter

July 2017 Magazine Letter Audrey Bullock

Do you have faith? Do I have faith? Do we all have faith? Of course, we do. Faith is an important part of our lives.

We all have faith that the gas, electricity, water, bin-men, post, etc. will work efficiently.

We have faith that medical staff, technicians, carers and all who tend to us when we are ill, are well qualified to do so.

We rely on our schools to educate young people and have faith that the right teachers are chosen for the task.

Children have faith in their families that they will be loved and supported as they grow up.

We have faith when a person is chosen for Archbishop, Bishop or clergy that they are the one best suited to that calling.

Sometimes our faith in other people can be misplaced as we are let down in our expectations in any of the above instances, or in other ways. It happens time and again because we are human.

Do you have faith in God? Do I have faith in God? Do most of us have faith in God? Well, yes, when things are going well. With reservations when things are not too good, and with difficulty but hanging in there when things are really bad. Some may not even hang in there. We are human.

Does God have faith in you? Does God have faith in me? Does God have faith in all of us?

                                       YES, HE DOES. What a relief.

God, when we forget You or do not think that You know what You are doing, strengthen our faith in You. Help us to realise that Your will for us may be different to how we would wish it to be. Help us to believe in You and have faith that all will be well.

May God bless us always and in all ways,

Audrey B

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