August 2016 Magazine Letter

Magazine Letter Audrey Bullock

Dear Everyone,

The way we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us are two entirely different aspects of our lives.

In this magazine, I am airing a different photo. I thought the previous one was all right, but I had rescued it from an old album when I was asked to produce a picture, and it is not how people see me today. This one was taken earlier this year and so you are more likely to recognise me.

I was hiding behind a façade of how I looked some years ago.

I was once told, uncomplimentary by a friend, that I often look terrible in photos… and he was right, I do.  Today’s photo is one I do not mind other people looking at, It is certainly better than many taken.

We often hide our real selves behind a façade. There is the “me” who is shown to the people we meet. The next “me” is the one shown to the people at home and then there is the “me” that God sees with our innermost thoughts laid bare to Him. These three “mes” in one person should all be the same. Are we trying to be that person, the one we would like to present to God?

Some years ago our Parochial Church Council went on a day course. One of the things we did was to tick on a list of attributes of how we perceived each other. It was quite an eye-opener when the list returned to us. Fifteen Points of View of what people thought of you was a challenging read. One of the things I found was that, as an introvert, and not very brave, I had managed to hide how I really am and presented myself in a different light.

Let us ask God to help us to be our real selves and be acceptable to Him and to one another.

May God bless us always and in all ways,

Audrey B

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