July 2021 Magazine Letter

July 2021 Magazine Letter

Dear Everyone,


Some people are brilliant are writing letters. They enjoy regaling family and friends with their news. Their family and friends enjoy receiving them. Then they are the “occasion” letters or cards to welcome a new baby, congratulate couples, driving tests or exams passed, or ones sent in sympathy to the bereaved. The latter takes quite a lot of thought to get words just right. Also, with much huffing and puffing, are the children’s thank you letters, along with their own thanks. It is nice to know that parcels have arrived safely at their destination.

Yes, emails and messenger etc are quicker and easier, but a visit by the postman to deliver an actual letter or card is a treat these days.

Saint Paul was an avid letter writer. These letters are noted in the Bible as epistles, which is just another word for a letter. Saint Paul was converted as an adult to Christianity. He was so fired up with enthusiasm, once he had acknowledged Jesus as Lord, that he not only travelled around spreading the good news of Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection, but he also wrote many letters to the people he had visited. He was concerned to encourage them to continue in their newfound faith. He asked for them to be kind thoughtful and considerate people who would spread the good news by the way they live their lives. We can learn a lot from Saint Paul’s letters.

God bless us always and in always.


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