May 2023 Magazine Letter

Dear Everyone,

This May is such a celebratory month.

Congratulations if any of you reading this is celebrating something special. Sometimes the anticipation appears to last far longer than the actual event, but the memories afterwards last even longer.

Some of us will remember watching Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation on television. I saw it at a friend’s home. Their family and friends were crammed into the room. Very few people had a TV. The container for the TV was enormous and the screen (black and white pictures) was very small. It was all so exciting. King Charles’ Coronation in colour, and in not-so-crowded rooms, will be much easier to see and enjoy.

This month the Church has festivals to celebrate.

May is the time when we especially think of Mary, the mother of Jesus. While thinking of her we could also pray for our families and parents and children everywhere.

Sunday the 19th is Bell Sunday. Listen out and give thanks for our team of bellringers. Think about joining them. It is an enjoyable hobby.

On the 18th we remember Jesus ascending into Heaven following His rising from the dead, which is celebrated on Easter Day. How fortunate we are that when we die we will be with Him in eternal life. At one time it was the day when people confirmed their baptism promises made for them by their Godparents. This was at a special service conducted by the Bishop who laid his hands on each person in blessing. Now this may not happen on Ascension Day.

The 28th of May is the Feast of Pentecost or Whitsunday.
Some years ago it was the day when people who were confirmed on Ascension Day, received their first Holy Communion.

On the first Pentecost the Holy Spirit came into the disciples to guide them in their teaching about Jesus. Outwardly the Holy Spirit appeared as tongues of flame on each of them.

May we, guided by The Holy Spirit in our daily lives, be kind, thoughtful, understanding and helpful.

Have a wonderful May, and remember “Ne’er cast a clout (clothe) ‘til May is out”. That means the May blossom.

May God be with you always and in all ways.


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