All Saints Staplehurst Joseph Concert

Joseph Concert

All Saints Staplehurst Joseph Concert May 2008


All Saints Staplehurst Joseph Concert – One word describes this production – AMAZING!

From the youngest to the oldest person taking part, everyone gave 110%. Many very favourable comments have been made! “We all looked as if we really enjoyed it and it made the audience enjoy it as well!”, was one comment, another, “You all sounded and looked so professional!”, and another – “What are you going to do next!!?” Who could have imagined the talent hidden in our church building?

As one who took part, I feel I must mention a few names – Lesley Whitwood, our Director, whose enthusiasm was contagious, Sonja Drew, Musical Director – one just could not argue with her precision. I just wonder how many muscles her right arm has gained!

Marion Christie, in charge of costumes. Has anyone seen a more fabulous Dreamcoat! Make-up, Peggy Latter. Didn’t they just all look the part! Our wonderful band, with pianist, Adam Brady, who is completely self-taught and has never had a lesson in his life! Didn’t he do well!! Also assisting Adam were Delphine Wass, who was the page-turner, and Ruth and Glyn Roberts, Debbie Brady and Lesley. Lighting and sound “engineers” were John Wright, Paul Gammon and Andrew Brady.

The set was constructed by Kevin Fulcher, Daniel Brady and Roy Barclay. Pam Mortley and Janet Powell, our props team, keepers of the sheep, cows and camels. What a wonderful team!

But it was very much a family production as well. The Brady family, the entire Dear family, the Kember family – in fact, our church family.

From the many very good comments it sounds as if, because we were known for other roles in the church, the audience could relate to each individual.

As one who took part, I can only say thank you for some unforgettable performances. For those who did not see it, well, you missed a brilliant show!

So, to the hard-working team, “Thank you”. When is the next production?!!


The production of “Joseph” was a real example of collaborative ministry: there were so many aspects of the show and people took responsibility for each, leaving me only trying to remember who was doing what.

I hope everyone involved was as proud of the performance as I was, especially seeing all those young people giving their all. What was really pleasing was the way we were able to provide all the expertise “in-house”.

The super costumes were done by Marion Christie and Barbara Dear and most memorably, that wonderful coat of many colours.

Sonja ably led a very talented set of musicians: Adam Brady was amazing on the keyboard with support on a variety of instruments from the Roberts family and his mum.

Pam Mortley capably provided the strange assortment of props while Kevin Fulcher, Roy Barclay and Daniel Brady resurrected the flats made for the last production and dealt with the set design. Janet Powell controlled the cast and production as Stage Manager.

Andrew Brady coordinated the extraordinarily complex assortment of sound and lighting equipment without which the whole show would have been pretty, but very quiet. He also did all the advertising and programme production: the results of which were seen in the good size audiences we had.

Alaine and her team made the refreshments and ushering happen like magic.

My friend Peggy Latter came with the Showtimers Pantomime make-up box and turned us all into Israelites and Egyptians – and aged Roy beautifully.

I know the cast enjoyed themselves because some of them asked what we were going to do next. The audience thanked them through their tremendous applause. It was also lovely to work in a non-theatre environment but without anyone grumbling to me about leaving things out of place – thank you.

The show was put on to showcase the talent in our church and not to raise funds – however, due to your enthusiastic support, we made a profit! We are not sure how much yet, but watch this space because we think it could be about £500.

Lastly, thanks are due to Ron Dear who played Jacob in the last production and this time produced most of the cast either through procreation or through marriage. It wouldn’t have happened without you Ron!

Lesley Whitwood

Production Team

Director Lesley Whitwood
Musical DirectorSonja Drew
Stage ManagerJanet Powell
CostumesMarion Christie
Make-upPeggy Latter
Lighting/SoundJohn Wright, Paul Gammon, Andrew Brady
SetKevin Fulcher, Daniel Brady & Roy Barclay
Front of House & RefreshmentsAlaine & Brian Summers, Chris Mahoney, Anne & Tug Tugwell
Rehearsal PianistAdam Brady
ProgrammeAndrew Brady
PianistAdam Brady
Pianists Page TurnerDelphine Wass
Additional musiciansDebbie Brady (Acoustic Guitar), Ruth Roberts (Bass Guitar), Glyn Roberts (Keyboard, Clarinet and Saxophone) & Lesley Whitwood (Accordion).

The Cast

JosephDaniel Brady
NarratorsJamie Hammond, Wilson Rush, Katie Kember, Sylvia Lade, Debbie Brady, Izzy Hammond, Sarah Courthope, Patrick Roberts
JacobRoy Barclay
PharaohChris Witham
PotipharJohn Wright
Mrs. PotipharSarah Courthope
ReubenGlyn Roberts
ButlerAndrew Barclay
BakerRichard Barclay
IshmaeliteLesley Whitwood
BrothersAndrew Barclay, Richard Barclay, Jamie Hammond, Glyn Roberts, Kier Roberts, Patrick Roberts, Wilson Rush, John Wright, Chris Witham, Josh Witham, Katharine Marsh
Adoring GirlsJessica Trevett, Madeline Farmer, Hannah Gibbs, Ellie Cousins
ChorusDebbie Brady, Doreen Braganza, Marion Christie, Sarah Courthope, Barbara Dear, Ron Dear, Margaret Friswell, Kevin Fulcher, Lorna Gammon, Izzy Hammond, Karen Kember, Katie Kember, Sylvia Lade, Pam Mortley

It was great fun, bringing together young and old.

Rehearsal Images

Photos 1 through to 5 and the Coat at the top of the page are courtesy of Andrew Brady.

All other photographs are with permission from, and courtesy of, Kevin Fulcher.

Joseph Concert

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Photos 1 through 5 and the Coat at the top of the page are courtesy of Andrew Brady.
All other photographs are with permission from, and courtesy of, Kevin Fulcher.

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