Tower Turret Appeal

All Saints Staplehurst Tower

Our fund raising as of 10/9/23 = £47,000

Made up from the following:

£12,000 from donations.
£5,000 in the Project Fund.
£30,000 Pledged by The Friends of All Saints.

Restoration of the turret on top of the tower.

Our Problem: The stonework of the turret.

The turret with its short spire replaced the earlier large spire which was blown down in 1673. It comprises a stone-built, hexagonal structure in the southeast corner of the tower and covers the top of the spiral staircase. It provides access to the lead-covered wooden roof to allow flags to be flown and the star to be erected at Christmas. The Turret, with its wooden shingle-covered spire and surrounding lead guttering, stops water running done the tower steps. Immediately below the Tower roof is the bell chamber with its rare set of ten bells.

Download the Tower Turret Appeal Leaflet

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