Staplehurst Parish Magazine 2021

november 2020 parish magazine cover

The All Saints’ Church Magazine Committee is delighted to announce that we are able to hold the cover price of the Staplehurst Parish Magazine for 2021, remaining at just £1.50 per issue. 

We believe that the Parish Magazine remains extraordinarily good value for £1.50.  However, you can make it even better value by paying an annual subscription of £14.00. To qualify for the reduced rate you must pay before the end of February; after that, you will have to pay the full price of £1.50 per issue.

Please pay by cheque if possible – it makes it easier and safer for all concerned.  Cheques should be made payable to “All Saints Staplehurst PCC” and handed to your distributor who will ensure the magazine treasurer receives it.

If you don’t currently have the Magazine delivered to your door each month you can arrange this by contacting Mary Henley at 01580 891225 or emailing

Thank you so much to all our subscribers and advertisers for your loyal support during 2020. We look forward to your continued enjoyment of the magazine: please encourage others to subscribe too!

The Magazine Committee

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