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Staplehurst Bellringers Report December 2023

News from the Tower

On Tuesday 7th November we held our Tower AGM at which our Tower Captain Adam Brady, Assistant Tower Captain Steve Bassett, Steeplekeeper Chris Bassett, Treasurer Sallyann Barclay and Secretary Roy Barclay were all re-elected.  We thank them all for their work over the past year.

The rest of the year is going to be a busy time for our ringers.  We are hosting a Training Day on Saturday 9th December when the bells will be rung periodically during the day. Then on the following Saturday, 16th December, the Kent Young Ringers will be ringing our bells, but on this occasion, they will be using a simulator to produce bell sounds within the tower and there will be no sound outside.

Christmas brings a number of extra services that we will be ringing for. In addition to the normal Sunday morning services we plan to ring for the Nine Lessons and Carols on Sunday 17th December, the Christingle Service and Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, and the Christmas Morning Service. We will be enjoying our New Year’s Eve Party before ringing in 2024 in the traditional way.

Finally, the Staplehurst Bellringers would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Otherwise, we will be ringing for the regular Sunday services and on our normal Tuesday evening practice as detailed on our website

Roy Barclay
Tower Secretary

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