Symbol Trust

Charity for January, February and March 2021

All Saints Church has chosen The Symbol Trust (Registered charity number: 10970420) to support for three months beginning in January 2021.

The Symbol Trust is local to Staplehurst and was originally founded in 1998 by Symbol UK by Tessa Duffey. It is a Ltd company providing speech and language therapy services to children and adults with special needs. Initially, it was created to offer a sustainable alternative to providers, for example, the NHS, who had recruitment and retention of appropriately skilled staff for finding solutions to various challenges faced. It has a strong ethos of a “not for profit” organisation and became a registered charity in 2001. Since then it has developed much-needed services and, most importantly gives people with a learning disability, for example, Autism, a quality of life to help them reach their potential, enabling them to work, enjoy life and feel part of the community.

The HOP STITCH AND JUMPER Centre located in Maidstone Royal Star Arcade has over 15 people who are involved with running this shop.

The Hopshed Theatre has over 60 people all inclusive with or without disabilities all working together and equally inspiring each other to produce beautiful theatre works.

The Symbol Trust raises money towards sustaining these vital activities which are unlikely to be funded by other sources. We, therefore, hope that our community will consider this charity to be a worthy cause. All donations however small would be gratefully received.

The Symbol Trust funds people with learning disabilities to maximise their life chances, gain skills, live as independently as possible, to truly participate in their local communities and fulfil their life dreams.

Established in 2001, The Symbol Trust raises money for vital activities that are unlikely to be funded by statutory commissioners. Working independently of Symbol UK and Symbol Family Support Services, The Symbol Trust aims to build on its reputation for innovative and responsive support to optimise the quality of life within Kent and across the UK.


Sponsors a child to enjoy an action-packed weekend summer camp full of fun & learning while their family gets a well-earned rest.


Funds a budding actor to attend The Hopshed Theatre Company – our outstanding inclusive theatre – for an entire 10-week term and participate in a mini production.


Buys enough arts and craft materials for an individual to pursue a creative hobby, to learn new skills and grow in confidence.

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Thank you.
Charities and Social Responsibility Committee