The Gurkha Welfare Trust

THE CHARITY for April, May & June 2018
The Gurkha Welfare Trust

Our Charity for April, May and June is for this much needed cause. The Trust ensures that Gurkha veterans, their widows and their wider communities get financial, medical and community aid. You may remember that when we supported this charity several years ago, our speaker had been several times to Nepal to set up a shop and hairdresser/ barber businesses (at his own expense) and trained the Nepalese so that, with tourism increasing, they may have some self- sufficiency.

The veterans and their families still need much support, particularly necessary for those in Nepal who are still suffering from the results of earthquakes, and those in rural areas where the charity is providing lavatories and clean water. The Trust provides a pension to those who are impoverished and do not have access to an army pension or other financial means. They support two residential homes and, of course, provide medical aid.

Any one of us who had fathers or grandfathers in the 14th army during the Second World War will be forever grateful for the Gurkha soldiers who fought so bravely and skilfully. Let us help them now.

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Thank you.
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