Charity for January, February and March 2018

THE CHARITY for January, February and March
Uganda Concern UK

Uganda Concern UK was registered in December 2009 with the object of ‘the prevention and relief of poverty in Uganda, in particular by supporting the charitable work of Uganda Women Concern Ministry (UWCM)’.

UWCM began as a women-focused organization but it soon became clear that the needs of children had to be addressed and UWCM has continued to evolve over the years and other beneficiaries now include men and entire communities. The primary target group is people living with HIV/AIDS. UCWM uses local churches as a starting point to build up a team of local women’s groups and church based volunteer workers.

These committed volunteers receive training in many skills including how to set up, manage and sustain income-generating projects to restore people’s dignity and independence, and how to care for the most needy individuals or families in their villages. Many communities live in remote mountain foothills where access to any other support is minimal or absent. The women’s department exists to support the most vulnerable women, teenage mothers, families infected and affected by HIV and AIDS and the general community to realize their full potential and live a dignified life. Efforts to achieve this are mainly done through a number of activities that help to bring about sustainable development and transformation in the lives and communities targeted.

All the programmes in the department are community based and are at the grassroots level. Programmes undertaken are holistic in nature to improve the socio-economic, cultural and spiritual conditions of women, teenage mothers, families infected and affected by HIV and AIDS and the general community.

We will be welcoming speakers Steve and Bridgit from Uganda Concern UK to tell us more about the work of the charity. They are working in Uganda during January, so will be coming to our 10 o’clock service on February 11th.

All money donated to Uganda Concern UK is sent direct to UWCM, with no UK overheads, and all costs, including visits to Uganda, are met personally by trustees.

Uganda Concern UK Website

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