May 2020 Magazine Letter

May 2020 Magazine Letter Audrey Bullock

Dear Everyone,

“Instruct us now to be in for Christ”

This message was on an advert on Facebook before Christmas from an estate agent. Another advert had cut out the last few letters of “Christmas”.

How appropriately the inadvertent piece read.

Be in for Christ applies to us, not only at Christmas but for all the year.

This month of May is the month when we especially remember the Blessed Virgin Mary, we celebrate Ascension Day when Jesus ascended to Heaven, and The Feast of Pentecost (or Whitsunday) when the Disciples received the gift of The Holy Spirit. In our countryside, we also pray for our farmers on Rogation Sunday and all who work the land, that there will be a good harvest.

“Be in for Christ”. We do not necessarily need to be physically indoors to be in for Christ. We need to be aware that He is with us wherever We are. He is ready to listen to us, to guide us, to advise us if we will only be ready to talk to Him.

This is a very short prayer which may be helpful:-

“Lord, help me to remember that nothing is going to happen to me today that you and I can’t handle together.”

I think that remembering this will help us through our good times and our challenging times.

May God bless us always and in all ways.


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