May 2019 Magazine Letter

May 2019 Magazine Letter

Dear Everyone,


“Are you switched on?” I whispered to the priest who was taking the Wednesday morning 9.30 am communion service. I was sitting next to her and could see that those in the congregation with hearing aids were looking bemused as nothing was coming through to them…..and no, she was not switched on. In no time at all everyone was hearing the service as the loop system sprang into action.

This was only a small problem which could easily be fixed.

ARE WE SWITCHED ON to each other?

In our homes do we really listen to what is being said? Do we listen with our minds on something else and then swear we have not been told some vital information?

Do we notice that someone feels extra happy or extra sad? Do we find out what it is all about, or do we feel we are too busy with our own thoughts to bother with how someone else is feeling?

ARE WE SWITCHED ON to our neighbours and the elderly in our community?

Are we wrapped up in our own thoughts and hustle and bustle and do not notice those around us?


Do we try to follow his teaching of loving our neighbour as ourselves? (which means everybody) Do we listen to that small voice in our hearts, our conscience, God’s voice, or try to ignore it?

ARE WE SWITCHED ON, or switched off?

Help us, Lord to stay switched on to you and all your people, and all creation whom you have made with such loving care.

May God bless us always and in all ways.

Audrey B

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