July 2022 Magazine Letter

Dear Everyone,

Have you been to a Steam fair? There is a certain smell about them and a feeling of awe at the enormous size of the engines and vehicles. When I was little, and living in a small village in Huntingdonshire, there was great excitement when the road roller slowly trundled through on its way to work on roads in other villages. People came out to wave to the driver. Likewise, there was a stir when the threshing tackle arrived each year at the farm opposite our cottage to complete the harvest of grain. Both these events each time were soon over, but the memories lasted.

I used to go to a squadron’s annual reunion. One spitfire pilot thanked me for being interested in his war (and it was interesting). He said his family said “Not again,” having heard it all many times before.

Memory is a funny thing. As we get older it is easier to remember things from the past than what we did yesterday. It is good to help refresh the memory with a note in a diary.

God has a phenomenal memory and remembers everything about each and every one of us. Psalm 139 extols God’s complete knowledge and care for each of us.

At Jesus’ last meal, before He was crucified, He gave His disciples bread and wine in remembrance of Him. The bread and wine are symbols of His body and blood. This remembrance has come down through the centuries to us. It has never been forgotten and is unchanging. God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is remembered by us as He remembers us. How fortunate we are.

May God be with you always and in all ways.


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