January 2020 Magazine Letter

Dear Everyone,

When I was a little girl and living in a village with many thatched cottages, we were fortunate that none received a lightening strike.

Now, we were told, and believed, that if you opened the front and back doors of the cottage, the lightening would go in one door, through the hall and out the other door, and we and the thatched roof would be safe. Mirrors were also covered, and cutlery put away. Ladies removed their hair pins and everyone knew all would be well.

We believed in old wive’s tales, a lot of which were tried and tested…have you, for example, looked for a dock leaf when stung by a nettle?

Belief and faith are very similar. According to my dictionary belief means trust or confidence in something or someone. Faith means reliance or trust in something or someone.

As this New Year begins will we step into the months ahead with belief and faith in ourselves, each other, in God. Will we be helpful, kind, and considerate, and aware of the people around us through all the ups and downs of our life, or will we keep our heads down in case we notice something we could do to help someone.

Look out, look up, have faith and believe, God is with us and has faith and belief in us.

Happy New Year,

May God be with us always, and in all ways.


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