Remember Those We Love

all souls poster
Remember Those We Love but No Longer SeeAt this time of year, the Church makes space to remember all those we have loved but see no longer. If you are remembering someone, you might like to access some prayers on your phone - or light a virtual candle.To find out more, download the Church of England All Souls Poster and Remember Those we Love and No Longer See.Download the All Souls Poster
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Rectory Summer Stall

Rectory Summer StallPlease support this event if you can.Rectory Summer StallDuring August the Rector is holding a weekly stall in her Rectory drive on a SATURDAY from 10-12 pm.One week it will be a bookstall, the next a car boot sale. You can win with our Tomboland/or buy a ticket for our amazing Summer Hamper. The winner will be announced in September.Hamper tickets £5 available at the stall, from church, or email Angie or ring 07460 872813Download the Poster...
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