August 2019 Magazine Letter

August 2019 Magazine Letter Audrey Bullock

“Do not be afraid for I have redeemed you, I have called you by name,” (Isaiah, Chapter 43. Verse 1)

Dear Everyone,

What are you called?

There is an old joke that says “Call me anything you like so long as you don’t call me too late for my dinner.”

My husband had five Christian names but was called something entirely different by his family. I have one name and apparently, at my birth, my parents had no idea which name to give me. I was told that my father was on a bus and heard the name Audrey mentioned and thought it sounded all right. An aunt of mine we knew as Aunty Betty, but her actual name was Elsie May.

Do you have different names although you are the same person? Do you listen and answer, for example, to your true name plus Mum/Dad, Brown Owl/Akela, Granny/Grandpa, Mrs/Mr, etc. etc.

Jesus is called by many names in the Bible although He is the same person, The Son of God, Redeemer, Rabbi, Saviour, Teacher, Master, Friend, and many more.

However we refer to Him and speak to Him, Jesus listens to us. How fortunate we are to have Him as our friend and redeemer. May He guide us through this life until we are born again to everlasting life.

May God bless us always and in all ways.


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