Young People

What does the Church offer the Young People of Staplehurst

At all Saints’ Staplehurst, we strive to warmly welcome children and young people of all ages.

We offer a range of church services and groups to make children and young people comfortable in a church environment and help to nurture them in their faith journey. We also hope that this will make it easier for the parents themselves to benefit from their time with us.

In the church, we have a children’s area with a range of toys and activities to interest those who are too young to cope with the service or whose attention span has come to an end. There are also activity bags which can be taken into the pews.

At the rear of the church there is a WC with baby changing facilities.

After most services refreshments are served, with the option of squash and biscuits for the children.


I’m really excited to be re-starting up MINISAINTS. The first session will be next term on Thursday the 5th September 2019 at 1 pm – 3 pm. 

Over the last year and a bit, I have been partaking in all the baby and toddler activities with our twins here in Staplehurst and further afield.

Along with having our house blessed when my husband and I arrived at the village just over 4 years ago and getting married and having our children christened in the All Saints’ Church, I thought it would be nice to help give back something to the community.

I know how very important it is for mothers to get out especially in the earlier days (just an excuse to see newborns again!) – which of course if it’s more local it is a much easier incentive to get out and share motherhood with like-minded people and hopefully make lifetime friendships on your journey.

It is also a great experience and development for a child of any age to be out ‘n’ about and experience this whole new world with other children. While the playgroup will have the ethos and values of Christianity everyone is more than welcome. All Saints – all-inclusive, all welcome.

I am a secondary school teacher and whilst I adore being a full-time mother to 15-month-old twins and a two-year-old fur baby – Reggie and wife to my beloved husband George I do miss the social interaction with children. This is a new challenge for me with a very busy life juggling things as I’m sure you can appreciate so I do not have any firm expectations of how the club will evolve and am looking forward to everyone supporting the club to meet the needs of everyone attending the club. Any support or offers of help will certainly be greatly received – whether it be tea making, running an activity, tidying up, singing or general support please do email me @ I will also be starting a WhatsApp group to coordinate and support the group – message me on 07769698630 to be added to the group. 

On a final note, if anyone has any toys or equipment needed to make the club run more easily that you would like to donate to the club please also make contact with me. This is something I would like to further develop: swapping and buying/selling children items.

I am so looking forward to meeting you all in September and to help build on the amazing community spirit that already exists in Staplehurst.

Rachel Antikatzidis