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It is ages since I’ve written in the Parish Magazine about the Mothers’ Union, so I would like to tell you a little about what the M.U. does.

“Mothers’ Union members are to be found in many areas of conflict – in Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone and in refugee camps in Tanzania and Uganda. Members who, because of their Christian faith, are working to restore peace in their communities in hundreds of small ways, and to bring about healing and reconciliation”.

Here I am quoting the words of our Provincial President, Elizabeth Brown, at our Festival Service in Canterbury last April. She goes on to say, “Earlier this year I was in New York for a fortnight, representing the Mothers Union at the meeting of the ‘Commission on the Status of Women’ at the United Nations. This year’s theme was the ‘Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination and Violence Against the Girl Child’, a topic on which the Mothers’ Union has first-hand experience, from our members across the world.

It was these stories from the Literacy work in Burundi. Malawi and the Sudan. where there are currently over thirty thousand learners; from the Family Life Programme in Uganda and from the successful parenting courses in Guyana. that we are able to speak out for those who have no voice”.

Here in Staplehurst we are a small group, so our contribution to the cost of these projects is small. We also contribute to work done in this country to promote Christian Family values and our fund-raising goes towards giving families who would otherwise be unable to have a holiday, a week of fun at the seaside.

Our monthly meetings give us a chance to grow in our Christian understanding, whilst meeting for friendship, and although we retain the name Mothers’ Union,* we welcome everyone to join us! Details of meetings can be obtained by ringing the number below.

Sue Hollins 01580 891150

* The Mothers’ Union was founded in 1876 by Mary Elizabeth Sumner. It has about 3,000,000 members world-wide, including men, one of whom is the retired Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. George Carey. Certainly, our present Archbishop’s wife, Jane, is a member.

The Mothers’ Union supports families world-wide and in doing so, we meet once a month to strengthen our commitment, not only to the wider world around us, but to support our own fellow members, some of whom are deeply distressed in their own lives. There is so much sadness all around us but the love and fellowship of Jesus in the service of the Mothers’ Union brings great comfort to us all.

Sue Hollins

(01580) 891150

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