Prayer Prompts

Prayer Prompts for June 2020

Prayer Prompts for June

This month, as we continue under the shadow of Corona Virus, we pray for the impact of this on the lives of different groups within our village

1              For the primary school, as some pupils return to classes

2              For those who commute to work

3              For those who work on farms

4              For those involved with the Guide movement

5              For the emergency help team

6              For members of village groups: WI, Horticultural Society, Photographic Society, Community Choir and many more

7              For all who work for the NHS

8              For those who are not able to sit GCSEs, A/Levels and other public examinations

9              For those who work in Spar

10           For all residents and staff in care homes in and around Staplehurst

11           For the housebound and isolated

12           For those working at home

13           For nursery schools and playgroups which meet in Staplehurst

14           For those involved with the Scout movement

15           For All Saints’ Bellringers

16           For teenagers and young people not able to go out and be with friends

17           For those who work at Lloyds

18           For secondary school pupils continuing to learn online

19           For the Parish Council

20           For those who work in public transport

21           For fathers, for their joys, responsibilities and worries

22           For all who work at the Health Centre, and other medical provision

23           For the churches in Staplehurst and their ministers

24           For parents continuing to home educate their children

25           For those who have recently moved to Staplehurst

26           For those who work for public transport

27           For the Community Events Group

28           For members of sporting and health groups

29           For local businesses and shops

30           …and with thanks for the strong and generous sense of community in Staplehurst

  1. ST DAVID’S DAY We remember all in Wales
  2. We pray for all going to school
  3. We pray for our busy emergency services
  4. We pray for all Doctors and Nurses
  5. We pray for all new babies
  6. For those unable to have children
  7. We pray for our choir and organists
  8. We pray for all our churches here in Staplehurst
  9. For those attending McCabe Chat Club
  10. For our bible study course – this evening
  11. Pray for brave LIFEBOAT crews who go out in all weathers to help those in distress
  12. For all attending Thursday Lunch Club
  13. Pray for those afraid to go out today
  14. For all having to sleep outside on cold nights
  15. Pray for our dedicated Bell Ringers
  16. We give thanks to all who help to keep our roads clean
  17. ST PATRICK’S DAY We remember all in Ireland
  18. We pray for our busy Parish Council
  19. We give thanks for the new planters that brighten our village streets
  20. We pray for those moving house today
  21. For those who look after our Churchyard
  22. MOTHERING SUNDAY We remember the mother of our Lord and our own Mothers
  23. We pray for the farmers tending their crops and busy with lambing
  24. For the Air Ambulance providing emergency medical care
  25. LADY DAY When Mary accepted God’s call to be the mother of Jesus
  26. Pray for the Thursday evening Lent Group
  27. We give thanks for our families and their help and support
  28. We pray for all travelling, may they arrive safely
  29. Pray for all who have been bereaved, may they find comfort
  30. We pray for worldwide peace
  31. We thank you Lord for guiding us through this month