Prayer Prompts

Prayer Prompts for January 2019

Please pray daily for the work of our chosen charity, ‘USPG’ and remember all those who need our prayers

PRAYER PROMPTS FOR JANUARY Please pray daily for the charity for the month.

  1. New Year’s Day. Guide and bless us, Lord, through this year.
  2. For all new parents.
  3. For big brothers and sisters and Grandparents.
  4. For our village.
  5. For our emergency services.
  6. Epiphany. May we use wisely the gifts you have given us.
  7. The Baptism of Christ. Come Holy Spirit.
  8. For our bellringers.
  9. For our editor and printer.
  10. For this year’s harvest as it grows.
  11. Give thanks for our gardens.
  12. For our football teams.
  13. Charity Sunday. Pray for Together Canterbury.
  14. For all who visit All Saints Church during the week.
  15. For the lonely and alone.
  16. For our friends.
  17. For all who make delicious lunches every Thursday at McCabe
  18. Give thanks for The Friends of All Saints Church
  19. For those working this weekend.
  20. SundayFor our choir and organists.
  21. For the homeless and those who help them.
  22. For peace in our time.
  23. For the PCC meeting this evening
  24. For our Queen and her Government
  25. For our Parish Council
  26. For our uniformed organisations.
  27. Sunday, praise the Lord.
  28. For all who live and work in our residential and nursing homes.
  29. For all who work at sea.
  30. For all that brings us pleasure.
  31. Thank you Lord for this month.