Social Responsibility Committee

Social Responsibility Committee

Committee MemberOfficeTelephoneEmail
Audrey BullockConvenern/an/a
Doreen BraganzaPCCn/an/a
Silke TetzlaffEx. Officion/an/a

Purpose and Scope

The Sub-committee will be responsible to the PCC for :-

  • Bring to the attention of the PCC matters of social responsibility on both a global and local scale.
  • The development of schemes (with other bodies and churches, as appropriate) that respond to identified needs.
  • To raise awareness of issues on a global or local scale (notifying of demonstrations concerning peace, justice and social responsibility matters).
  • Working closely with other bodies with common aims (such as the Partnership Framework).

Social Responsibility

We have a social responsibility within the community to react to the needs of the Parish.

We have been successful in areas such as Bereavement Counselling, assistance with travel to and from Church and enabling worshippers from Mote Lodge to be involved in our services to name just a few.

One area that has proved helpful within the village has been the Remembrance Stars at Christmas available in Church for people to write short messages. These stars are then hung on the Christmas tree and blessed. A book is available for people to write additional messages. A large number of people have found this very helpful, especially as Christmas is a time when we all remember and reflect on family members no longer with us.

We also provide Lilies in Memory at Easter and with the generosity of the congregation, gifts for Homeless Care at Easter, Harvest and Christmas.

If you have any ideas or thoughts that you would like considered please contact the committee.