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Dandelion Time

Dandelion Time – restoring hope to young lives

Established in 2003 in East Farleigh, Dandelion Time works with children and young people traumatised by abuse, neglect or having early life attachment difficulties. Children may be displaying emotional distress through aggressive or withdrawn behaviour, their issues having led to conflict at home and withdrawal or exclusion from school.

The charity provides practical farm-based developmental activities and a therapeutic service to help children overcome past suffering, develop in confidence and self-esteem and discover a new and positive path to follow. The aim is to improve each child’s emotional wellbeing and resilience so they are better able to lead full and happy lives and be a positive force within their communities as they enter adulthood.

Dandelion Time works with the child and the wider family, believing that family relationships and bonds are vital in helping a child overcome their difficulties and are often a key factor in their issues.

“Dandelion Time offered us, as a family, time to enjoy each other’s company. It is neutral ground. There is no pressure. It’s good, hands on, sometimes muddy, creative fun. Children and parents have the time and space to grow together.”

Many children and young people have been able to progress with a more positive outlook in school, at home and in the community. They learn how to express their feelings in non-destructive ways, build relationships with their peers, and relate to others without conflict whilst gaining new skills and interests.

Please give generously to this local charity whose work is increasingly in demand from professionals across educational, health and social care settings.

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