Charity for April, May and June 2016

Muscular Dystrophy UK

Some 50 years ago my brother, who was 90% paralysed by polio, was admitted to St John’s Hospital in Wandsworth.  He was put onto a ward with lots of other young men, all of whom were suffering from conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Disseminating Sclerosis and Muscular Dystrophy.  As a teenager I found visiting Alan and seeing all these young men so disabled, extremely distressing and I have never forgotten them.

Muscular Dystrophy UK (previously known as the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign) is the charity bringing individuals, families and professionals together to beat muscle-wasting conditions.

Founded in 1959, it has been leading the fight against muscle-wasting conditions since then.

They bring together more than 60 rare and very rare progressive muscle-weakening and wasting conditions, affecting around 70,000 children and adults in the UK.

There are currently no treatments for most muscle-wasting conditions so Muscular Dystrophy UK support high quality research to find effective treatments and cures and will continue to do so until they have found them for all muscle-wasting conditions.

They are leading the drive to get faster access to emerging treatment for families in the UK.

They ensure everyone has the specialist NHS care and support they need – the right help at the right time, wherever they live and they provide a range of services and resources to help people live as independently as possible.

All this can only be achieved with your help.  Please give to us a generously as you can.

Maureen Brice

For more information visit the Muscular Dystrophy UK Web site.

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