Charity Committee


Charity Committee

Committee MemberOfficeTelephoneEmail
Audrey BullockConvenern/an/a
Mary Henley PCCn/an/a
Maureen Brice Non PCCn/an/a
Silke TetzlaffEx. Officion/an/a

Purpose and Scope

The Sub-committee will be responsible to the PCC for :-

  • Compiling a list of charities to be supported through the monthly Charity Sunday scheme and ensuring the necessary promotion is placed in the Parish Magazine and weekly notice sheet.
  • Development of links with other agencies for charitable relief.
  • Other matters, as referred to it by the PCC.
  • Arranging speakers for Charity Sundays.

Charity Sundays

Charity Sunday is the second Sunday of the month, except in November, when it is the first Sunday. All loose money and blue envelopes in the collection plate on this day, plus orange or white charity envelopes on any Sunday, goes to the designated charity.  The money in the white weekly offering envelopes goes, as is usual, to the church.  Should you not wish to give a donation to the charity on Charity Sunday, but would prefer your money to go to the church, please put it in a blue envelope specifically labelled “Not for Charity.” If anyone would like a box of charity envelopes, to make giving easier for you, please speak to Tony Henley.

Making it easier for you to give

Some of you have commented that the organisation of Charity Sundays has not always allowed you to give to those charities that you wished.

You have asked for more notice of which charities are to be supported and more flexibility in the way that the system operates.

With the agreement of the PCC, we have developed the concept more into a “Charity of the Quarter ”.

In practice, this means that, as long as you clearly label your gift, we will accept contributions to the nominated charity in collections at any time during the 3 month period.

We hope that this development will help give you more flexibility in the organisation of your charitable giving.

We have a list of well known Charities (not exhaustive but growing) including contact numbers and Web Site links, please take a look at the Charitable Organisations Links Page

Ever wondered where to look if you have a problem and don’t know where to turn, well, take a look at the Pastoral Care Links Page

Thank you.

Charities for 2017

MonthCharity WebsiteChurch Page
8th January/12th February/12th MarchOrbis

(With Speaker 8th January)
Church - Orbis
2nd April/14th May/13th JuneMotivate

(With Speaker 2nd April)
9th July/13th August/10th SeptemberFynvola

(With Speaker 9th July)
8th October/5th November/12th DecemberUS

(With Speaker 8th October)
Remembrance Day 12th NovemberRoyal British Legion 11am Morning Service
Cruse 6.30pm Evening Service
24th December - ChristingleThe Children's Society 
Gift Aid Tax Refund 2017
Five Acre School 
14th January/11th February/11th March
Uganda Concern

(With Speaker 14th January)

 Charities for 2016

MonthCharity WebsiteChurch Page
January 10th/February 14th/March 13thShelterbox

(With Speaker January 10th)
Church - Shelterbox
April 10th/May 8th/June 12thMuscular Dystrophy

(With Speaker April 10th)
Church - Muscular Dystrophy
July 10th/August 14th/September 11thBurrswood

Speaker July 10th)
Harvest October 2ndHarvest Festival Non perishable
foods + Harvest Supper Donation
October 9th/November 6th/December 11thPractical Action

(With Speaker October 9th)
Remembrance Day November 13thRoyal British Legion 11am Morning Service
Cruse 6.30pm Evening Service
24th December - ChristingleThe Children's Society 
Gift Aid Tax Refund
Demelza House 
January 8th/February 12th/March 12th

(With Speaker January 8th)

Please use the Orange envelopes, or a Blue envelope with the Charity name added to the other information.

To gift aid money for The Royal British Legion, Cruse and The Children’s Society, please use a Blue envelope and put the Charity name along with your other details. Film pots for any spare change you have at home are also available.

Thank you for your generosity.

Charitable Giving

Some years ago the P.C.C., whom the congregation elect to deal with church matters, agreed that we should not only give to support our church, but also donate to the wider church by charitable giving.

Most of us have our own way of donating at home to our special charities, and that is as it should be. It would be wonderful if more of you would be able also to support the church’s charity for the month.

Any size contribution is most welcome, and if it is gift aided via the orange charity envelopes or the blue ones (please write the name of the charity on it), it helps even more. Remember £1 gift aided adds an extra 20 pence or so, which all adds up.

Envelopes can be put in the collection plate any week, but one week each month all loose money goes to the chosen charity.

We also provide Lilies in Memory at Easter and with the generosity of the congregation, gifts for Homeless Care at Easter, Harvest and Christmas.


The work of the Charity Committee is wide ranging. We select Charities each year to receive the collection plate offerings over a 3 month period. The Charities are selected to give a balance between local, national and World wide causes, as well as secular and non-secular organisations.

We also react as necessary with special collections during times of crisis i.e. major disasters such as Floods or Earthquake’s.

If you have a Charity that you actively support and would like us to consider, please contact the committee.

Will you be a Filmbox Star?

This year the charity committee has been asked to do extra fundraising for our chosen charities. You already all give generously in your orange envelopes and once a month with loose money in the collection plate, and thank you for that. This will continue as usual. There are lots of raffles, coffee mornings and cake sales, so we thought we would try something else. We would like to give as many of you as feel able to have one, an empty film box. Would you then, please, put your spare change in it (silver if possible, but pound coins welcome too!). When it is full please return it to Maureen Brice or Audrey Bullock.

Thank you.