Prayer Prompts

Prayer Prompts for December 2017

Please pray daily for the work of our chosen charity, ‘USPG’ and remember all those who need our prayers

Charity for October, November, December 2017 – USPG

  1. For all who work for Maidstone Homeless Care, and all who are helped by them.
  2. For the companionship of the Shepherd’s Market.
  3. Advent Sunday. Help us, Lord, to prepare in heart and mind for the celebration of Your birth.
  4. For our schools, all staff and children.
  5. For parents as they juggle income.
  6. For all who are involved in repairing the chancel floor.
  7. For the Jazz Orchestra and all who attend the concert.
  8. For all who care for the sick.
  9. For all on our prayer board and prayer lists.
  10. “Be still and know that I am God.”
  11. Monday, Protect all who travel.
  12. Bless all who work in police, fire and ambulance services.
  13. For all who live and work in our residential and nursing homes.
  14. For all who attend and those who run Mini Saints.
  15. For the Charity Carol Evening.
  16. For all who visit the Angel Festival.
  17. Pray and give thanks for our choir and organists.
  18. Bless busy shopkeepers and all who work in the retail industry.
  19. Bless the ministers of religion and congregations in our village.
  20. Help us to pause in our busyness and think of the true meaning of Christmas.
  21. Feast of St. Thomas. Guide us, Lord when we doubt you.
  22. For expectant mothers and new born babies.
  23. For all working over the Christmas period.
  24. Christingle. We pray for all who will be at this service.
  25. Jesus Christ, born for us. Let us give thanks.
  26. St Stephen’s Day. We pray for all who have died for their faith.
  27. Feast of St. John. We give thanks for all who, over the centuries, have brought the good news of Jesus to us.
  28. Holy Innocent’s Day. Remember with love and prayers all babies and children who have died, and their parents and families.
  29. Thank you, God, for the good things in my life.
  30. We ask for God’s help with our difficulties.
  31. Help and guide us Lord as we step into 2018.