Prayer Prompts

Prayer Prompts for February 2017

Please pray daily for the work of our chosen charity,’Orbis’ and remember all those who need our prayers

Charity for January, February and March 2017 – Orbis

  1. Give praise for: this month of hope as we look for new spring growth.
  2. Give praise for: our fertile land.
  3. Give praise for: the love of family and friends.
  4. Give praise for: your love for each one of us, Lord.
  5. We praise and thank you, Lord, for all your blessings.
  6. Pray for: all those at work today.
  7. Pray for: those unable to find employment.
  8. Pray for: the overworked.
  9. Pray for: those unhappy in their job.
  10. Pray for: straightforward and safe travel to work.
  11. Pray for: our village industries and businesses.
  12. Bless with wisdom all those preaching in your name today.
  13. Half term week – pray for a relaxing holiday for schoolchildren and teachers.
  14. Pray for: the strengthening of family bonds.
  15. Pray for: patience and understanding at difficult times.
  16. Pray for: families on tight budgets.
  17. Pray for: broken families.
  18. Pray for: those children preparing for exams.
  19. Inspire with your spirit, Lord, those who preach in your name.
  20. Pray for: our government. Lord, bless ministers with wisdom and integrity.
  21. Pray for: those countries scarred by war, that a just peace may be secured.
  22. Pray for: refugees and the re-building of their lives in safety.
  23. Pray for: those maimed and traumatised by conflict.
  24. Pray for: the work of aid agencies.
  25. Pray for: the peacemakers.
  26. Lord, may we love and respect all you have made.
  27. Pray for all the Churches in Staplehurst and those who preach and teach.
  28. Pray for the members of All Saints’ PCC who meet this evening.

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